How to Style Elephant Clocks in Your Drawing Room?

Adding clocks to your drawing or living room can enhance the impression of the space. But what if you have an aesthetic design that you think would go well with your royal or vintage theme of the house?

As a trend, people with vintage-themed houses often have their soft corners toward buying elephant clocks for their living room decor enhancement. If you believe an elephant clock has been missing from your overall living room decor, here’s how to style it for your living space.

1. Create a Focal Point With It



The charm of a living room is enhanced when you add a focal point around the space. The elephant clock is what would help you implement that! Place the clock at a point where it would be visible to everyone inside through the main door. Let them look at the elegant elephant clock, and make it a conversation starter once they settle down on the couch.

2. Add the Vintage Element to Your Space

The elephant clocks are meant to add vintage appeal to your overall living room decor. If you have established a royal theme for your home interior, then the elephant clock can be an attractive symbol to complement the theme. Elephants were the royal symbols for kings and queens in the past. So, your royal theme will welcome the elephant clock as an integral part of the overall decor.

3. Versatile Decor Piece

It is true this article talks about decorating the drawing room with an elephant clock, but it is a completely versatile decor piece. You can add it to your family room, dining room, foyer, living room, etc. If you want to replace an art piece that doesn’t seem interesting anymore on the dining room wall, an elephant clock is a perfect inclusion.

4. Start a Story-Style Decor Revolving Around it



If you haven’t planned on a theme for the home interior renovation, take inspiration from an elephant clock. Check out the colors of the clock you buy, and use them across the drawing room to set up the ambiance. A theme based on the decor pieces would eventually blend proficiently to create a majestic appeal.

5. Pair it Up With Warm Lighting

You must pair up the elephant clock with warm lighting right above it to draw the focus of people toward it. When you have been picky about choosing an elephant clock in specific, you need to give it prime importance around the space as well. Perfect lighting is what would help you with the needful.


An elephant clock can be used in several ways to decorate your living or drawing room. It is a very simple design, but it adds a vibrant elegance to your space when you want a royal theme around the house. So, check out the elephant clock collection of JRE Home Decor, and get the one that suits your decor needs the most!

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