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We​ at JRE have been passionate about adding that element of ‘elegance’ and ‘luxury’ to our homes that we have always aspired for and give our home a modern look with a royal touch . Our continuous quest for elegant and royal home decor led us to the lanes and by lanes of cities and towns across India and other countries where we discovered exquisite pieces of artistic and incredibly beautiful luxury home decor. From there, our journey towards building the brand ‘JRE’ started, with a vision to bring royal & elegant living to our doorsteps in North America and at the same time, providing a global platform to the craftsmen and artisans behind these absolute pieces of beauty. We are continuously working with our manufacturers (craftsmen and artisans) based in India and other countries to bring exquisite artistic pieces of home decor items to you in US & Canada at the best prices.
We have a collection of beautiful acrylic rugs and handcrafted decorative mirrors, royal & vintage wall clocks, wall décor, terracotta decor & terracotta horses, dokra brass artwork, exotic tabletop décor and other home decor items that adds grandeur to your home.
​JRE specializes in Luxury Home Decor, Work of Art, Royal Decor, Handmade Decor, Terracotta Decor, Terracotta Horses, Luxury Mirrors, Rose Mirror, Crystal Mirror, Coin Mirror, Leaf Mirror, Sunburst Mirror, Decorative Mirror, Metallic Mirrors, Red Mirror, Ethnic Mirror, Gold Mirror, Golden Mirror, Sun Mirror, Star Mirror, Modern Mirror, Rustic Mirror, Vintage Mirror, Wall Art, Metal Art, Wall Décor, Metal Wall Art, Metal Wall Decor, Gold Wall Art, Gold Wall Decor, Rustic Wall Art, Wreath Decor, Metal Wreath, Butterfly Décor, Butterfly Wall Art, Royal Clocks, Wooden Clock, Vintage Clock, Peacock Clock, Peacock Decor, Elephant Clock, Elephant Décor, Dhokra or Dokra Brass Art, Sculptures, Art Deco, Affordable Oriental Rugs, Washable Rugs, Traditional Rugs, Silky Rugs, Shiny Rugs, Lightweight Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Indian Rugs, Discount Rugs, Clay Art, Pottery Decor, Exotic Décor, Ethnic Décor, Tribal Craft, Tribal Artwork, Sculpture Art, Statue Décor, Elegant Home Décor, Vintage Décor, Antique Décor, Indian Décor, Thai Décor, Asian Decor, Modern Décor, Artistic Décor, Farmhouse Décor & Boho Decor.

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