Luxe Blue Green Gold Wall Décor Gold Metal Wall Art for Living Room, Office

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The Blue Green Gold Plate Wall Art is a Luxury Designer Modern Accent Wall Decor or Gold Wall Art. This gold metal wall art in blue green gold is Unique, Handmade & Exotic thus elevating your Living Room, Foyer, Fireplace, Mantel, Bedroom , Office, Restaurant or Hotel Suite room with a touch of luxury and modern art. The luxury gold finish of this modern decorative gold wall décor or wall art, handmade and painted by artisans makes the wall art unique and exotic, blending well with modern luxury designer furniture as well as minimalist interior decor and boho or bohemian décor. This unique wall accent décor or unique designer wall art is also a luxury decorative metal art for walls. This unique modern wall decor is from the brand Embassador by JRE

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Handmade Luxury Designer Modern Accent Wall Decor or Wall Art or Metal Art in the shape and form of gold and blue or green plates ideal for Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Hall, Foyer, Fireplace, Mantel, Office, Restaurant. Modern Design Artistic Wall Accent Decor or Decorative Wall Art or Luxury Metal Art for Walls.

Excellent choice for those who are looking for Modern Wall Accent Decor and matches the look and feel of modern designer furniture and specially those who want to decorate their living room, family room, foyer or dining room or restaurant with piece of metal artwork. The intricate design of is totally handcrafted by artisans in metal which makes it unique, attractive and a piece of artwork and ultimate luxury and gives a touch of luxury and artwork to your Living Room, Foyer, Fireplace, Mantel, Bedroom , Office, Restaurant.

This Grand Luxury Designer Blue Green Gold Wall Décor comes in size of 32 x 24 inch with two options one with blue plates along with gold plates and another one with green plates along with gold plates.

This handmade metal wall art reflects the hard work of our artisans who have put honest and genuine thought into the making of this beautiful wall art. The artisans have put thought and concerted effort into creating something original and from scratch. Every nick and cut in the metal by hand makes it a unique luxury artwork which cannot be matched by mass manufactured factory produced wall decor available elsewhere. The beauty of this handmade wall art decor lies in its small imperfections caused by handcrafting process. When you buy handmade, you are paying for a commitment that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike which makes it a unique wall art giving your home or office or hotel suite a royal artistic luxury touch. Each handmade product has its own story, when you buy this handmade wall decor it also brings positive vibes to your home or office along with it.
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