Luxury Gold Horse Sculpture Statue Designer Modern Tabletop Decor Luxury Gift

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The Gold Horse Luxury Designer Modern Tabletop Decor Sculpture or Statue is Unique, Handmade & Exotic in gold color resembling a horse which can give a touch of luxury and modern art to your Living Room showcase, Fireplace, Mantel, Office, Restaurant or Hotel Suite room. It resembles power, strength and luxury which can be ideal for your office desk or office reception decor. Very good option for gifting to friends and family as well as corporate gifting. Handcrafted in solid aluminium and electroplated using nickel, silver and gold electrophoretic lacquer which gives it an unique exotic luxury finish. This luxury gold horse sculpture tabletop decor is from the brand Embassador by JRE.

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Unique Handmade Luxury Designer Modern Tabletop Decor Sculpture or Statue in gold color in the shape and form of a large Luxury Gold Horse ideal for Living Room showcase, Fireplace, Mantel, Office, Restaurant or Hotel Suite room. Very artistic and beautifully designed Luxury Designer Sculpture or Statue or a piece of artwork in the shape and form of a a large Luxury Gold Horse, ideal choice for those looking for Luxury Modern Art Sculptures or Luxury Metal Art or Metal statue decor for decorating their tabletops in living room or office or showpieces in showcases.

The gold horse sculpture has a unique luxury design and is a an excellent choice for those who are looking for Unique and exotic luxury tabletop decor for homes and offices or sculpture and statue decor for showcases as artistic showpieces. Ideal choice for luxury gifts for friends and family, anniversary gift, housewarming gift and luxury corporate gifts for offices, businesses, lawyers, realtors and others.

The intricate design of the gold horse is totally handcrafted by artisans in aluminium. Its made of solid metal aluminium (not made of resin or polyresin which are cheaper alternates) and not hollow. It weighs approx 1.2 kg which shows the quality of the product. The size of the horse is large and the dimension is 10 X 12 inch. The color coating is also luxury and expensive and not painted as such, but achieved using electroplating of metals, has a 3 layered coating of metals – nickel, silver and gold electrophoretic lacquer. These features make it unique, attractive, exotic and a piece of artwork and ultimate luxury which gives a touch of luxury and artwork to your Living Room, Showcase, Fireplace, Mantel, Bedroom , Office, Restaurant or Hotel Suite room. The horse can be put in two different positions – standing or saluting position and running position. Please checks images.

Grand Luxury Designer Tabletop Decor Horse Sculpture Statue – 10 X 12 inch, 1.2 kg approx

This handmade sculpture reflects the hard work of our artisans who have put honest and genuine thought into the making of this beautiful horse. Every nick and cut in the metal on the handmade statue makes it a unique luxury tabletop decor which cannot be matched by mass manufactured factory produced decor available elsewhere. The beauty of this handmade tabletop decor statue lies in its small imperfections. When you buy handmade, you are paying for a commitment that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike which makes it a unique showpiece giving your home or office or hotel suite a royal artistic luxury touch. Each handmade product has its own story, when you buy this handmade tabletop decor sculpture it also brings positive vibes to your home or office along with it.

Add a Golden Touch to Your Home: Unveiling the Gold Horse Tabletop by JRE Home Décor

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living space with the handmade Gold Horse Tabletop, a product of the renowned JRE Home Decor.

Gold Horse Tabletop: A Masterpiece of Design

Have you ever considered enhancing your living environment with a piece of artistic decor that encapsulates both class and functionality? The luxury handmade Gold Horse Tabletop by JRE Home Decor is all you need. Crafted to perfection, the Gold Horse Tabletop not only boasts an exquisite design but also emanates a warm and sophisticated aura.

Why Choose the Gold Horse Tabletop by JRE Home Decor?

An immediate masterpiece in any room, why should the Gold Horse Tabletop by JRE Home Decor be the piece de resistance in your home?

  1. Unique Design:- The Gold Horse Tabletop stands out for its unique artistry. Made with utmost precision, the design features a horse in its majestic beauty. The horse signifies a symbol of strength and royalty, amplifying a luxurious vibe in your space.
  2. Quality Finish:- A remarkable feature of the Gold Horse Tabletop is its quality gold finish. JRE Home Decor did not compromise on the quality, ensuring the tabletop piece exudes a timeless appeal, admired by many.
  3. Versatility:- Promising to blend seamlessly with your decor, the Gold Horse Tabletop resonates with versatility. Be it a contemporary or traditional setting, this decor piece complements different home styles.

Experience the Expertise of JRE Home Decor

In the realm of luxury home decor, JRE Home Decor enjoys a reputation for its unparalleled expertise. The creativity and skillfulness in each product bear testimony to their commitment to delivering the best to customers.

Unleash the power of Gold!

Brush up your interiors with the Gold Horse Tabletop, an embodiment of luxury, strength, and beauty all in one. The question that arises here is, are you ready to unleash the power of gold in your home through this striking decor piece?

The Gold Horse Tabletop by JRE Home Decor is a trust-authority in the realm of home furnishings, infusing an aura of class and sophistication in your living space. Revel in the experience of this majestic decor piece and bask in the compliments it garners!

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